This is how to install "GeoDumba.TTF" or other similar TTF  fonts on your computer.
(It should work on all versions of Windows, except with some little difference with NT)
Same way of installation works with any "TTF" fonts, so this Web Page seems very useful.
Let me know if you have any problems.


Download (or Open)   "GeoDumba.Zip"


To open the file, make sure that you have Winzip installed.
(It is a great program for unzipping files and it's free).
Simply double click the file icon to open it.
Once opened, highlight the "geodumba.ttf" file.

(If there are multiple files, you can select more than one at a time
by holding down the
CTRL button.)

Winzip classic interface

Click the Extract bottom in the upper right box (see right picture)



(You can also open the ReadMe file to get similar information if you need one.

Winzip classic interface

Use the folder tree (browse) to help
you get the correct folder.

or simply type
in the upper left box.
Use this directory only if your Windows is located there

Click the Extract button
(upper right)
Winzip Extract to

Ok, now that you have the font in the right
directory, the system needs to detect them.
You do this by clicking "My Computer" on your
desktop, open control panels...
My Computer

And then, open the fonts folder and check if geodumba.ttf file is there.
That's it! The font have been installed and can be used in any windows applications that can use them.
Good Luck!
Control Panel



Download GeoDumba.ttf file and save it in the C:/Windows/Fonts directory.
Use this directory only if your Windows is located there

If you wish to use "GeoDumba" font for your Web Page just type this code:
<font face="GeoDumba"> in the Web Page's Source and that's it.
Remember don't forget to move this file into C:/Windows/Fonts directory.
Good luck!

GeoDumba font is unique because it does not requires font drivers. It also is similar with Latin layout which makes it much easier during the typing.
Below is given examples of this font:
(Check ALT text, point the picture)

abgdevzTiklmnopJr abgdevzTiklmnopJr
stufqRySCcZwWxjh stufqRySCcZwWxjh

Download more Georgian Latin based layout fonts from: