Wood Furniture Building and Enjoyment

  There is nothing more beautiful than a piece of hand-crafted wooden furniture displayed in a living room. Wooden furniture, whether it's coffee tables, dressers, chairs, or sofas, gives a unique appearance to any household. Often, homeowners choose to purchase wooden furniture that has been created by a professional woodcarver or wood-turner. These pieces sold by professional furniture designers are generally expensive due to the amount of time and detail that professional crafters put into designing their work. Crafty homeowners, however, may choose to turn wood furniture into a do-it-yourself project. With assistance from experienced crafters or tutorials that can be found through online resources, individuals can easily create their very own wooden sectionals, chairs, or sofas. Learning to create wood-crafted furniture is not only an excellent way to save money, but it is also a very rewarding activity that results in personalized sofas, sectionals, and chairs. The materials for furniture-building are relatively inexpensive, and the options for projects and personal touches are truly endless. Those who find the process of wood-crafting new furniture enjoyable often expand their horizons after creating furniture and take on other projects, such as computer desks, toys, or bookcases. For many, wood-crafting is a life-long hobby that may also result in additional income from offering finished furniture projects for sale.

Wood-Turning: Sofas and Sectionals and Other Wood-Turning Resources

The Dallas Area Woodturners Association provides a section of helpful links for those interested in wood-turning, including a list of organizations and miscellaneous wood-turning resources.

North Coast Woodturners: Sofas and Other Projects for Beginners

The North Coast Woodturners Association has compiled a large list of wood-turning organizations and projects for wood-turners of all skill levels.

Beaver State Woodturners: Sofas and General Woodworking

On the Beaver State Woodturner's website, links are available for those interested in beginning wood-turning as a hobby.

Cheam Woodturners Links

Following this link, those who are curious about wood-turning practices are able to view demonstrations and links to wood-turning projects and local organizations.

From Toys to Sectionals: Desert Woodcrafter's Patterns

Those who are interested in creating specific wood-turning projects can find free patterns for projects ranging from toys to furniture on this website.

East Surrey Woodturners: Artistic Woodturning Collections

This website features various artistic wood-turning collections.

Custom Sofas and Furniture: Woodworking

Rustic furniture-lovers will enjoy the wide selection of custom wood-crafted furniture available for sale through Rustic Cocoon's website.

Cincinnati Woodworking Club: Publishers, Forums, Tips, and Information

The Cincinnati Woodworking Club has compiled a varied list of woodworking resources, including forums and tips for creating projects through woodworking techniques.

Pearl River WoodCarvers

Through the Pearl River WoodCarvers group, hobbyists who enjoy wood-carving can view completed projects and receive information about joining a wood-carvers group.

BBsGarage Wood Carvings: From Sectionals to Carousels

Following this link allows users to discover a whole world of wood-carving projects, including operating carousels that were created through wood-carving techniques.

Dempsey Woodworking Tools and Designs: Sofas and Other Projects

Woodworking enthusiasts at Dempsey Woodworking enable woodworkers to access a variety of websites related to designing woodworking projects and tools.

Hub City Turners Projects: Sectionals and Boxes

Visitors to this website are able to view numerous project ideas along with how-to guides for completing each one to ensure an excellent finished project.

Klingspor's Woodworking Shop: Quality Tools and Supplies for Woodworking Projects

Klingspor's Woodworking shop provides a large, alphabetically arranged list of woodworking resources for professional woodworkers and hobbyists.

Corner Stone Designs: Toy Plans

Corner Stone Designs specializes in creating beautifully crafted items such as toys and farm equipment. Those who visit their website are offered information on how to complete these projects on their own.

Sofas and Other Furniture for Small Spaces

This website specializes in offering furniture design as well as the best types of furniture for filling small spaces without crowding the area.

Sectionals and Open Floor Plans

Individuals who have homes with open floor plans may find it more difficult to find furniture that suits their space. This guide allows these individuals to create open floor plans and decipher the best way to furnish their unique home space.

Movies to Enjoy From the Comforts of Home Sofas

On this website, movie buffs are provided with movie reviews so that they are able to determine the best movies to watch while curling up on their sofas at home.

Leather Sectionals and Chairs

For homeowners seeking leather furniture, this resource offers many different pieces of luxurious leather furniture for sale.

Theater Experience From Sofas

This resource acts as a guide to inform homeowners how to create the perfect home theater environment.

Family Life and Sofas

The lifestyle of a family plays a big part in determining which furniture is best for the household. On this blog, a mother discusses selecting furniture with children in mind.


On this website, several recliners are available for sale.

Couches for Sale

Two leather couches are posted for sale in this classified advertisement for interested homeowners seeking unique furniture.

Furniture and Interior Design Standards

Here, an interior design program details the standards for furniture in the world of interior design.

Sofa Photographs

This resource provides a large photo gallery that features several different types and styles of sofas.

Fred's Furniture

Here, those seeking new furniture sets can purchase one of many available designs.

What is it With Couches and Tables?

On this website, readers will discover the origins of couches and tables.

Chairs and Couches

In this photo gallery, viewers will find a variety of different types of couch and chair designs.

House and Home Quilting Resources

Following this link, those who are interested in learning to quilt at home are provided with many helpful resources.

Crocker Chair Company

On this website, information about vintage Crocker Chair Company chairs from 1924-25 is given.

Rhode Island School of Design

At the Rhode Island School of Design, courses and degrees in furniture design are offered to students.

General Guidelines for the Purchase of Furniture Products

This website provides detailed guidelines for the University of California's furniture contracting system.

From Chairs to Sofas and Sectionals: Know the Bones of Your Furniture

For those who are re-doing or purchasing furniture, this resource helps buyers to understand the importance of a sturdy frame underneath the fabric.

Lounge Furniture

On this website, visitors are able to learn about furniture that is more functional than decorative.

The History of Furniture

This resource provides an outline style guide to the history of furniture.

The Reclining Chair

Here, photographs of reclining chairs are provided as well as their history.

Furniture for Sale

On this site, a sofa couch and king-size bed are available for sale.

Library Gets New Furniture

This website details the process of a library receiving new furniture.

The Study of Furniture

This academic resource helps students to explore the use of furniture as a display of culture as well as an art form.

Computer Desks

Following this link, readers will discover information about computer desks and other furniture.

Bookcases for Sale

On this website, lightly used bookcases and sofas are available for sale.


There is a lot more to seating than creating a piece that looks nice. This website discusses the details behind designing furniture.